What You Should Know About Screech Owl Nesting Season

There are many varieties of animals that live in the wild that are also capable of nesting in and around homes. One advantage of inviting owls to your property is that you will experience a reduction in rodents. However, there are a few things that you should know about screech owl nesting season before you begin to attract them to your land.


First of all, these birds are incredibly adaptive and have been able to reside comfortably in the suburbs as well as the wild. You will need to consider how much property you have, and the surrounding land, prior to setting up any nests on your land. For example, you do not want to invite birds that are likely to encounter predators or other harmful things, such as traffic or poison.

If you are going to place nesting homes for these owls, you should also think about utilizing bird baths and appropriate bird feeders in order to properly entice them to your land. In fact, if you have a pond or body of water on your land, this can help to attract the owls and their prey.

You should also take note of what type of owls already inhabit the area where you live. Great horned owls and barred owls are both predators of screech owls. You do not want to invite them to your land during screech owl nesting season if they are only going to become prey for these larger owls.

There are various types of homes that you can place on your land in order to attract the screech owl.  For tips on building a screech owl box go here.  The owls respond well to most natural and man-made homes, provided that they have everything they need in the area. While these owls will eat bugs, they require a fair amount of rodents, small reptiles, or other protein rich food in order to survive. Additionally, a good source of fresh water for drinking and grooming is essential.

If you live near a stream or river, it is another source of potential food for the screech owl. They have been seen grabbing fish from streams in order to supplement their land-dwelling fare. However, this is not absolutely necessary if you have sufficient prey and water on or around your property.

Make sure that you set up any houses for them before nesting season begins. Ideally, these will be visible to wild birds that are flying by, enticing them to set up home in your area. Utilize several homes in order to give them the best opportunity to select what each one perceives as ideal. If you have several nesting areas for them to select from, you are more likely to have them mate and nest on your property.

If you have any questions about the screech owls in your area, do some research prior to setting up your nest boxes. The more you understand about these birds and their habits, the better you will be able to accommodate them and provide a safe home.