How to Build a Screech Owl Box

This is the perfect time of year to build owl boxes if you have sufficient motivation. In the event that you would prefer not to fabricate your own, there are a multitude of sources available on the web.  Our favorite supplier is the Wild Bird Store Online with their screech owl box and barn owl houses you can’t go wrong. In this case we’re talking about screech owls and so winter and fall is an extraordinary time to get the screw and saw out and set up a box together.   I’m posting two designs that are fundamentally the same.

Taking into account my own involvement with squirrels, I would suggest a bigger rooftop with a greater amount of a shade. I made a bigger light-weight rooftop this year that I screwed onto the current rooftop. This will make it less demanding to bring the owl box down for repairs as I can simply take the bigger rooftop off.

winter owl
eastern screech owl in winter

Site Selection

To the extent setting the owl box goes, you ought to pick a spot far from human action and most particularly human or vehicular traffic. Screech owls regularly fly low which brings about vehicle fatalities. Place the box no less than 10 feet off the ground if you can. Most articles suggest picking a spot where the owls have an unmistakable flight way to the box. Further suggestions are to evacuate all brush underneath the box as owls appear to favor an open territory beneath the box. I more often than not evacuate the brush in fall and dump every one of my leaves underneath the box. This cushioning may get to be helpful if one of the baby owls drops out of the box.

Mounting the Box

I would HIGHLY prescribe seeking somebody to help you mount the box onto the tree! Chipping away at a step with an extensive item is dubious, trust me. Numerous individuals use pulleys to lift the box up into the tree and I would suggest utilizing this methodology. Something that I’ve utilized effectively is to make mounting squares to attach the box to. As opposed to attempting to adjust the box up and secure it specifically against the tree, attach 2×4’s cut the width of your box onto the tree. Verify that you have a tiny bit of space at the base and screw a bit of slat onto the 2×4. Presently you have a little edge that you can adjust the box on while you screw the box onto the 2×4’s. Utilizing this methodology likewise makes it less demanding to repair the box as your mounting pieces dependably stay up and you have your gaps predrilled.

Protection From Predators

Most sites prescribe putting some type of predator protection around the box. You can make puzzles with metal glimmering or you can basically wrap the tree trunk underneath, above and around the back/sides of the box. A year ago I just had shavings around the top and base and I think the squirrels basically arrived on the uncovered “sides” and moved into the box. Squirrels can likewise effortlessly drop onto the rooftop, which is the reason I suggest a slanted bigger rooftop.

Generally, the above tips can provide a good blueprint on how to build a screech owl box. Owls may include a couple down quills for solace, however, they leave the settling and solace alternatives to the landlord!